MultiPass, Duo, and various application access permissions.

Services (17)

Account & Access Review

User access reviews (or user access audit) are part of the user account management and access control process, which involves periodically reviewing access rights.

Active Directory, OU, or Computer Log on Access

This service provides the ability to request access to log onto a computer within the domain.

Banner, BDM, or Slate Permissions

Banner is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application the University uses to record and maintain information and data for its students, employees, alumni and donors.

Chosen First Name

Students, Faculty or Staff who identify by a name other than their given first name (or "legal name") may use a Chosen First Name.

CMS Access (Content Management System - OmniCMS)

OmniCMS is used by staff/faculty to create official, public-facing DUQ websites and webpages that are DUQ branded, meet accessibility requirements, and render well on a range of devices.

Cognos Permissions

Cognos is a business intelligence and reporting tool that allows employees to securely access and produce reports and interactive dashboards.

Digital Signage (Rise Vision)

Academic offices and departments can use digital signage to share events and information with the campus community.

Duo - Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security approach that uses two factors to authenticate your identity when signing into a website, application or other online services.

File Share Permissions

A service to request access to shared network drive resources.

Firewall Access Request

This is a service used for requesting firewall access.

GlobalProtect Virtual Private Network (VPN)

GlobalProtect is the University's VPN client.

Guest Wi-Fi

University employees can request a DuqNet Guest Wi-Fi account for a guest visiting the University.

ListServ - Email Distribution Lists

ListServ is used to create and manage electronic mailing lists.


MultiPass is your single username and password that you will use to sign into all Duquesne online resources, including DORI, Canvas, DuqNet Wi-Fi and your University email as well as all University-managed computers and podiums.

Privileged Access

Privileged Access provides employees and vendors enhanced security and access to University IT assets that involve sensitive and privileged information.

Sponsored Accounts

If you have a guest visiting Duquesne University, you can create a sponsored account to give them access to campus resources, such as DuqNet and CTS-managed computer labs.


The Team Dynamix Services Portal & Catalog features a catalog displaying the IT services available to you as a member of the Duquesne community and provides a faster means to get support.